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  The Dorian Race Timing System

Imagine having an accurate read-out of every competitor’s racetime in every section of every race. Imagine comparing a competitor's time across different tracks, races, conditions and even countries. Until now, in horse racing for instance, sectional racetimes were only available for horses as a group. The Dorian Race Timing System is a world first in horse race timing. It records each competitor's section times for immediate display. Similar results are available for motor racing.

The Dorian System, either as Equitime for horse racing or Data 1 for motor racing, provides times for competitors at each 200 metres (or other distance nominated) of a race. The system can be used to show the sequence in which the competitors are running on TV and on the on-course big screens.
Results are also used for post race analysis by press, TV, punters, stewards, owners and trainers.

Thin water-proof antenna wires are installed in conduit at a safe depth underground at different points around the race track. For example, at the 200, 400, 600, 800 metre mark and winning post

For horse racing a tiny transmitter, the size of a credit card is inserted into the saddle cloth. Each transmitter emits a unique signal via the antenna to Track Side Receivers which relay the data to the Control PC in the official timekeeper’s box.

For motor racing a larger, more robust transmitter is used – yet it is still small and light enough to be suitable for go-kart racing.

Please refer to the diagram above for a visual representation of how the system is set up on a track.



Diagram of the System - click to expand. The System is suitable for both horse racing and motor racing.


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